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Any City, USA

Any City, USA

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Any City, USA

Any City, USA

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Any City, USA
Any City, USA
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How to Prepare for Your Campus Tour

February 10, 2022

Do you love all things beauty? Are you ready to turn your passion into a future education? We know that it can be exciting to think about the amazing possibilities that could be waiting for you in the beauty industry, but it’s also important to plan how you’re going to get there.

If you want to start your beauty education at Elevate Salon Institute, Utica, then scheduling a tour with us is a great way to find out more about our school. We know that there can be a lot to think about, so we want to help you prepare for your tour! Read more to find out what to expect.

What to Bring on Your Tour

There’s a lot to consider on your tour and you may forget some questions you were planning on asking. That’s why we suggest you bring someone you trust. A friend or relative can be a great resource because they can help you ask questions you forgot or maybe even think of some you hadn’t considered. Having someone by your side not only helps you remember important information, but they can also provide you with moral support. Committing to an education you’re passionate about is exciting, but it can also seem overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with how it works. Your support system can help give you the confidence to start something new.

Both you and your friend or relative should also bring a pen and paper to write down important information. Even if you think you’re going to remember something, write it down anyway! You’ll be thankful when you leave with all your answers written in one easy guide. You could even write down your questions before and answer them as you tour to make sure you have everything you need answered.

What to Think of Before Your Tour

Taking a tour of the school you’re looking to attend is a great opportunity to receive answers from people who would be directly involved with your education. If you’ve been wondering about a question that’s unique to you, then now is the time to ask. Our team at Elevate Salon Institute, Utica wants to help you with any concerns or doubts that may be holding you back from applying. Maybe you’re not sure which program schedule is right for you. It’s important that you think of questions that could help you decide whether full-time, half-time or even night schedules are right for you. Thinking through these types of decisions before you come will allow us to help you feel as prepared as possible when you leave.

Not only would this be the perfect place to ask questions that are about your specific situation, but this is also your chance to see our school’s culture for yourself. Seeing how students and instructors interact, learning more about the *student salon training area, and finding out what students learn as part of the program are just some things you can discover from your tour. Getting firsthand exposure to the salon can also help you think of other questions you wouldn’t have thought about before.

What to Ask on Your Tour

A tour is a perfect opportunity to receive real-time answers to all your questions about your unique beginning in a beauty education. From learning what programs are offered to finding out which financial aid options could be available to you, there’s a lot you should be planning to ask. Here are some questions that you might want to think about when scheduling your tour.

  • What programs are offered here and how long does it take to complete them?
  • What skills and techniques can I learn?
  • How are the lesson plans formatted?
  • What scheduling options do you offer?
  • What are the educators like?
  • Will I get to practice on real guests?
  • Do you offer scholarships and financial aid options?
  • How would you describe your school’s culture?

These are just some questions that you could ask, there may be more that depend on your circumstances. Whatever they are, our team will be happy to answer them for you on your tour!

Schedule Your Tour Today

Are you ready to take the next step for your future in beauty? Fill out the form on our website to schedule your tour and we’ll get in contact with you. We can’t wait to help you plan your next step toward beauty school!

*{All services are provided under the supervision of licensed professionals}

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