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Any City, USA

Any City, USA

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Any City, USA

Any City, USA

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Any City, USA
Any City, USA
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Awesome Career Options for a Future in the Beauty Industry!

February 10, 2022

Have you ever thought about a future in the beauty industry? This industry is great for self-starters who are creative, friendly, and passionate about what they do! If you’re not sure which beauty industry future is right for you, check out some of the possible options!


Want to create beautiful hairstyles, colors, and cuts? Interested in working in a busy, extroverted atmosphere? A future as a stylist might be for you. As a stylist, you get the chance to meet new people every day and spend time forming connections. Every client wants a different look and it’s up to you to create that look for them! You’re also not limited to working in a salon. If you are interested in show business, you could become a celebrity stylist or work on the set of a film or TV show. This is a great career option for people who are creative, friendly, and seeking a dynamic work environment.

Woman braiding hair


If you’re interested in skincare, makeup, and could imagine yourself working in a spa, a career as an esthetician could be right for you! Estheticians provide services like facials, body wraps, skin analysis, and skin peels to improve the texture and quality of the skin. Someone with an esthetician license can also work as a makeup artist. You can use your skills to apply makeup professionally in a salon, behind a makeup counter, or on the set of a photoshoot. As an esthetician, you’ll also know what products to recommend to clients and how to teach them the best way to apply makeup for their face shape and skin tone.


A hair colorist specializes in changing clients’ hair color. While this part of being a hairstylist, there are many salons that employ people who specialize solely in coloring hair. Most clients are particular about their hair color, so they want to find a professional who can give them the results they’re looking for. As a colorist, you’ll work with reactive chemicals in order to lighten, darken, or highlight the hair. Whether you’re bleaching dark hair blonde, adding rose gold highlights to dark hair, or transforming blonde hair into bright blue hair, being a colorist takes a lot creativity and attention to detail!

Nail Technician

Love colorful nails and creating detailed artwork? You should be a nail technician! Nail technicians are responsible for shaping, trimming, and beautifying clients’ fingernails, toenails, and cuticles. A manicure or pedicure is a special treat for many clients. Just think how you could brighten someone’s day when you give them a fun, neon pedicure for summer, or a beautiful and classic French manicure for a special occasion. For some extra fun, nail technicians can also offer special treatments like acrylic nails and glue-on gems. It could be the perfect job for someone who is artistic and friendly!

Beauty Educator

Do you want to prepare the next generation of cosmetologists? You should consider becoming a beauty educator. If you love the beauty industry and want to see others succeed in education, this could be a great field for you. At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Utica we can teach you how to prepare in-class lessons, teach in the student salon training area, and prepare students for the State Board exam. This program is a great way to combine your love of beauty with a love of education!

Check Out Our Programs

At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Utica, we offer programs that can prepare you for any of these future careers. To learn more about enrollment, contact us today! Our staff can assist you with scheduling a tour and answer any of your questions. We’re here to help you find a beautiful future!

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